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Wisconsin Prominent Leader in Plastics Industry
Wisconsin is a leader in the plastics industry nationally in terms of employment and total number of manufacturers. Thirty-six percent of all U.S. plastics manufacturing activity takes place within a 500-mile radius of Wisconsin. The significance of Wisconsin’s prominence in the industry can be attributed to a business climate favorable to the growth and prosperity of business.

Wisconsin Plastics Directory
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Wisconsin Plastics Statistics
- SPI Facts and Figures

Educational Resources
Wisconsin’s educational programs and research facilities have set the pace for establishing engineering, professional, technical, and science programs that rank among the highest in the nation.

State Economic Development Assistance Wisconsin Companies considering expansion, adding equipment, training employees, value-added product from recycled material or in need of sites, buildings or working capital, contact the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.


Since moving my small business from Minnesota to Wisconsin, the support has been amazingly strong. Without obtaining a grant to help us attain ISO 9001 status, I don’t know what we would have done. Now that we’re in Wisconsin, I wonder why it took us so long to make this decision.

- Rod Kleiss of Kleiss Gears, Grantsburg, WI

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