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Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wisconsin has more than 75 companies that work in the wind turbine supply chain. This is a growing industry where demand is currently outstripping supply. Wisconsin's decades of experience in precision manufacturing gives the state's manufacturers a competitive advantage in supplying the various 8,000 components that comprise a wind turbine. View the Wisconsin Wind Works Supply Chain Directory.

Wisconsin has a proud tradition as a national leader in energy conservation and generating electricity from renewable energy sources with programs like time-of-day rates and utility conservation escrows, progressive institutions such as the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation and as one of 16 states with a renewable portfolio standard. Since year 2000, utility-scale wind generation in Wisconsin has grown by over 124 percent.

Wisconsin's new wind energy industry provides the manufacturing elements necessary for our growing wind energy industry. No other state in the Midwest offers this unique combination of advantages available here, including superior supplier potential built upon a one hundred year old manufacturing tradition, an expanding economy, access to some of the nation's best wind resources, strong existing markets and excellent workforce and transportation assets.



  • Wind power is a free, non-polluting, renewable resource. No matter how much is used, there will still be a plentiful supply in the future.
  • Wind power has the potential to supply more than one and a half times the current electricity consumption of the United States.
  • A single utility-scale wind turbine can prevent the emission of 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere per year. It would take a 500-acre forest to dissipate the same amount of CO2.
  • Wisconsin is in the top 20 states for wind power potential.
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