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Health Care & Fitness

Health Care & Fitness

Wisconsinites are becoming more healthy! Reports show that our most promising approach of preventing the onset of potentially debilitating conditions is through healthy behavior. A physically and mentally active population that practices healthy behaviors such as weight control and smoking cessation will minimize the adverse impact of the disease process.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services Health and Well Being Report indicates:

  • By most measures, Wisconsin citizens are healthier than the U.S. population as a whole. Infant mortality has dropped, life expectancy continues to increase and premature death from many of the leading causes of death have decreased.
  • A higher percentage of Wisconsin residents have health insurance than in other states.
  • Conditions for children are better in several key areas: there’s less child abuse and neglect, more immunization of toddlers, reduced rates of lead blood poisoning, fewer teen pregnancies, and less juvenile delinquency.


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