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Fun Facts

Fun Facts

  • Wisconsin is a leading producer of Ginseng in the U.S.
  • Green Bay, home of the Packers is known as "Titletown USA".
  • Each year, the EAA Fly-In brings 12,000 planes to Oshkosh, making it the busiest airport in the world.
  • Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells is the world’s largest waterpark with 65 acres of splish-splash fun.
  • Door County has more shoreline than any other county in the U.S. more than 250 miles.
  • Nearly 21 million gallons of ice cream are consumed by Wisconsinites each year.
  • The glacier missed about 15,000 square miles in southwestern Wisconsin.
  • Wisconsin was the first state in America to open a kindergarten.


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