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Medical Devices

Medical Devices

The Medical Device Industry is a major feature of the State of Wisconsin and an important contributor to the economic health of the state. Wisconsin’s medical devices sector includes an array of instruments, machines, and medical devices for the diagnosis, cure, treatment, or prevention of disease. This sector is closely connected with Wisconsin’s emerging biotechnology, health-care delivery and health-care information sectors as well as the historically strong manufacturing sector.  

"The atmosphere for biotech in Wisconsin is very accommodating," says Thomas Primiano, president and CEO of Clonex Development Inc., a biotech firm that recently moved from Chicago to Madison.

According to a statewide economic impact study released by BioForward, Wisconsin’s leading bioscience industry group, there are more than 640 bioscience businesses located in Wisconsin that employ nearly 24,000 private sector jobs and generate nearly $7 billion in annual revenue.

For several years, Wisconsin has participated in the Annual International BIO Conventions



"Wisconsin was a huge help to us in finding a new home for our expanding businesses. Choosing Wisconsin was only the beginning of Forward’s involvement. They continued working with many of our associates, to ensure successful launch. Forward’s follow-up and on-going supports are truly amazing."

- Jim Russell, President

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