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Resources for Economic Developers

Resources for Economic Developers

Forward Wisconsin Fact Sheets
Local economic developers and government officials are encouraged to download and print Forward Wisconsin’s one-page Fact Sheets to supplement their local materials when preparing prospect information packets.

Links to Economic Development Assistance Organizations
Here you’ll find links, contact information, and services offered by organizations that provide business assistance or economic development services throughout the state:

Wisconsin’s Workforce and Labor Market Information System
Wisconsin is preparing for a future of rapidly changing demographics and a technological boom which will drastically change the job opportunities of the future. Visit our Workforce section to read about long- and short-term projections based upon state, regional and county-wide statistics. A concise set of links will guide you through the Workforce Development Web site and direct you to major points of interest, highlighting information about employment, metro areas and job centers.

Links to Wisconsin State Agency Web Sites
This handy alphabetical index of Wisconsin State Agencies will quickly link you to any government agency, board, commission or department you are seeking. State Agency List.

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