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Wisconsin’s Airport System

Wisconsin’s Airport System

Wisconsin’s Airport System is a rapid access network designed to meet business needs and accommodate air travelers.

  • Wisconsin has 8 Commercial Service Airports served by 14 Major Airlines.
  • 85% of the state’s population lives within 20 minutes of a public airport.
  • Total passenger enplanements during 2003 increased by 7% to a total of 4.85 million, the highest level ever in Wisconsin.
  • Total enplaned cargo in 2003 was more than 122 million pounds.
  • Nearly 5,200 active aircraft (those that flew one or more hours during the year) are registered with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation including 4,915 airplanes, 53 seaplanes, 84 helicopters and 79 hot air balloons.
  • Aviation in the state supports 41,000 jobs and provides a $2 billion economic impact to the state and local economies.
  • 45 Wisconsin airports, including 36 general aviation airports, received more than $49 million in Federal Airport Improvement Program funds during fiscal year 2003.
  • Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport is the state’s hub for domestic and international transport. Additional flights are available at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport just 70 miles south of Milwaukee.
  • Frequent business travelers in a USA Today poll ranked Mitchell International as the 3rd best airport in the nation. The airport is so well organized that the walk from the parking garage to the farthest gate takes less than seven minutes.

Complete statistics on Wisconsin’s Airport System are included in Wisconsin Aviation Activity Web page, produced by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Bureau of Aeronautics.

For a complete listing of Wisconsin airports including an aerial photograph of each along with communications, navigation and services information, see the Wisconsin Airport Directory.



"Operating from an uncongested hub like Milwaukee’s Mitchell International has enabled Midwest Express to provide the service we’ve become known for."

Timothy Hoeksema, President, Midwest Express

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