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Wisconsin’s Trucking Industry

Wisconsin’s Trucking Industry

Two major interstates that are less congested than the national average anchor Wisconsin’s toll-free highway system. The state’s 112,000-mile network of state highways and local roads also includes the 3,650-mile Corridors 2020 network of four-lane backbone and key connector routes. That well-maintained system helps ensure greater reliability for just-in-time deliveries, and - since we’re ready for it - inclement weather rarely hinders a trip. See the Wisconsin Truck Operators Map (pdf) for additional information.

Wisconsin has a deregulated intrastate truck industry system that readily complements its interstate carrier activity. As a result Wisconsin business and industry enjoys money and time savings from an intensely competitive national trucking climate. Of the top 250 truck carriers in the nation, 11 are based in Wisconsin - more than twice the national average. Additionally, there are more than 7,000 "for hire" truck carriers serving Wisconsin industry.

Wisconsin is also a leader in providing administrative simplicity for truckers:

  • A Motor Carrier and Trucking One Stop Office allows Wisconsin-based truck owners to handle registration and tax matters for many states simultaneously and takes care of distributing the fees to other states.
  • A simple trucking fee structure - primarily annual vehicle registration and fuel tax - sets Wisconsin apart from other states.
  • Permanent trailer plates are available to most carriers, saving yearly registration costs and headaches.
  • Wisconsin has no taxes, such as annual vehicle and ad valorem charges.
  • Vehicles, related materials purchased by contract, and common carriers are exempt from sales tax.
  • Oversize / overweight permits can quickly and easily be obtained by phone.

Preparing for the future, the Wisconsin State Highway Plan 2020 is accelerating improvements to key highway linkages across the state. Upon completion, 95% of Wisconsin residents will live within 25 miles of a multilane divided highway. The Plan is just one portion of Translinks 21, Wisconsin’s multi-modal transportation plan for the 21st Century.


Winter Doesn’t Stop Wisconsin

"We’ve never had a problem getting shipments through Wisconsin in the winter. We’ve had problems of shutdowns on the eastern turnpikes and getting through the Donner Pass in California, but we keep right on going through Wisconsin."

Rosalind Cooke, traffic manager of Swiss Colony, one of the state’s largest direct marketing firms in Monroe, WI.

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