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Food Products and Processing

Food Products and Processing

When you think of Wisconsin and food, what comes to mind first? You may think of milk, cheese, or perhaps even cranberries. The food processing industry in Wisconsin is a diverse sector that includes dairy, meat, fruit and vegetable processing (the most common industries) and specialty food products like baked goods, beer and other beverages. Food processing giants such as Ore-Ida, Oscar Mayer, Kraft, Kikkoman Foods, Sargento, Ocean Spray Cranberries and Nabisco - to name a few - have chosen Wisconsin because of our state’s business climate and quality of life.

Directories and Resources

Food Processing in WisconsinWisconsin is home to over 1,000 food processing firms and has made growing the food processing cluster a top state economic development priority. Two new food processing directories are now available online as well as a brochure which outlines advantages of doing business in Wisconsin. 

Food Processing and Safety
The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Web site offers valuable information about food safety and processing within the state of Wisconsin. Click here to visit their Web site at

History of Food Processing in Wisconsin
Wisconsin has a rich history in the food processing industry. Lakeside Foods was one of the first canneries to open in Wisconsin. Read about Lakeside Foods, a historic canning company with roots in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.


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