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News and Events

News and Events

Press Releases from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
Learn about the Wisconsin companies receiving grants and loans through the state’s economic development assistance and incentive programs: Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Press Releases.

Press Releases from Gov. Walker’s Office
Track the latest news from state government and learn about the business issues impacting Wisconsin: Gov. Walker Press Releases.

University of Wisconsin Business News Wire
Dive into archived feature stories or sign up to receive the business e-mail newsletter. Business and financial journalists, as well as business executives and managers are invited to subscribe.

Today’s Technology News
Scan the latest headlines or read the complete story about Wisconsin companies making news today in this constantly-updated compilation from Wisconsin Technology Network: Technology News.

Wisconsin Technology Council News Room
The Wisconsin Technology Council News Room provides news about the Tech Council, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and their efforts to assist in the development, growth and success of technology-based businesses in Wisconsin. Click here to visit the Wisconsin Technology Council News Room.

Wisconsin Business News
Stay up-to-date throughout the day on top stories and features regarding Wisconsin with a continuous news feed provided by The Business Journal of Milwaukee. This site captures a compilation of news sources. There is another source for business news and that is the wisbusiness website where you can get accurate, balanced, and timely information about WI business and the state’s economy.

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