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Wisconsin Business Toolkit

Wisconsin Business Toolkit

Links to Business Assistance and Economic Development Organizations

Click on the appropriate category heading below to access all the tools and information you will need to start or grow a Wisconsin business.

Economic Development Assistance Organizations
Here you will find links, contact information, and services offered by Wisconsin organizations that provide economic development assistance services throughout the state:

Links to Wisconsin State Agencies
This handy alphabetical listing will quickly link you to whatever Wisconsin government agency, board, commission or department you are seeking.

Tools for Financing Your Wisconsin Business
Learn about the financial assistance programs, grant and loan programs, development funds, incentive programs and other resources that can help meet your business financing needs in Wisconsin.

Tools for Finding Venture Capital
Information on raising capital and security regulations along with a list of venture capital firms.

Tools for Wisconsin Online Business Tax Registration
Apply online for a Wisconsin Seller’s Permit, Use Tax Certificate, Wisconsin Employer Identification Number, and other types of business accounts in one simple step.

Tools for Starting a Business in Wisconsin
The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit provides business start-up information and assistance, networking contacts and technical resources. The information caters to individuals interested in starting any type of business including retail, service or technology companies.

Tools for Wisconsin Employers
Complete information for Wisconsin employers including finding workers, employment standards and laws, worker’s compensation and unemployment compensation guides, and a directory of employer resources and links.

Tools for International Trade
Here you can access state assistance with international sales, services to facilitate importing products from other countries, learn about international investment in Wisconsin, and explore educational opportunities that will help make you more competitive in the global marketplace.

Tools for Wisconsin Small Businesses
The Wisconsin Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network educates state entrepreneurs - beginners and veterans alike - through an array of low-cost classes and no-cost confidential counseling. Services can be accessed through the state at 13 University of Wisconsin centers and two specialty centers - the Wisconsin Innovation Service Center and the Center for Innovation and Development.

Tools to establish a Sole Proprietorship or a Corporation in Wisconsin.

Tools for Wisconsin Ag-Related Businesses This resource material was assembled by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) as a tool to help small businesses develop and grow their value-added business using money, information, and technical assistance from outside their organization.

Tools for Licenses, Permits and Registrations
These links cover licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements for the State of Wisconsin.

The Financial Resource Guide for Cleanup and Redevelopment (PDF)

Environmental Permit Primer: The Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) created this interactive Permit Primer to help small business owners manage their environmental requirements. The DNR is also responsible for certain Licenses, Permits and Registrations.

Tools for Technology Business Development

Tools for Community Economic Development
A part of UW Extension, the Center for Community Economic Development provides data, how-to tools and professional advice on doing community economic development.

Financial Resources for Wisconsin Businesses

Wisconsin Business Development Finance Corporation (WBD) is a private, not-for-profit corporation created in 1981 to help Wisconsin businesses gain access to capital. It is one of the largest Certified Development Corporations in the nation with a loan portfolio in excess of $300 million and five offices around the state.

Impact Seven is also a not-for-profit statewide, public, nonprofit community development corporation committed to helping Wisconsin companies start, grow and thrive.

Access a searchable database of over 300 Wisconsin banks and savings institutions that includes location, contact information and links.

A database of locally owned and managed Community Banks in Wisconsin can be searched by community or region of the state.

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