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Business Incentives

Wisconsin is business friendly. It offers a variety of tax incentives for corporations and other businesses to locate or expand their operations within the state. Available tax incentives include exemptions, credits, and other special corporate tax treatment along with preferential treatment of capital gains.

In addition, Wisconsin has designated certain areas as Economic Development Zones and local governments have created Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) districts. Businesses locating or expanding operations within Development Zones are eligible to claim development zone tax credits. Businesses locating operations within a TIF district benefit from infrastructure improvements financed by tax increments.

More recently, a Technology Zones Program was enacted that provides tax credits for high-technology businesses locating in a designated technology zone. Enterprise Development Zones offer tax credits in areas of the state suffering from high unemployment or other economic distress.

icon Tax Exemptions, Credits and Incentives is a fact sheet summarizing Wisconsin business incentives.

Wisconsin Tax Incentives for Business is a list of the state‘s primary business incentive programs with hot links to program details and application materials.


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