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Business Climate

  • Named as Top 10 Up-And-Coming Tech Cities
    Forbes has named Milwaukee to its list of Top 10 Up-And Coming Tech Cities. It reports that, "globalization and poor training may have gutted America’s manufacturing base, but stalwart metal-bender Milwaukee is not backing down," says Jim Paetsch, director of corporate relocation, expansion and attraction at Milwaukee 7, an economic development organization. "Our strategy is to become the leading global center for the technology-intensive manufacturing enterprises of the future." - March 2008
  • Best Places for Small Business and Careers. Forbes Magazine (March 2007) ranked 179 small metro areas. Making the list were Appleton, Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, Janesville, La Crosse, Oshkosh, Racine, Sheboygan and Wausau.
  • Wages in Wisconsin are below the national average Wisconsin’s average wages are 11.6% below the national average of $36,764 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • Wisconsin is among the top 15 states in industrial production. Wisconsin ranks 3rd nationally in percentage of total jobs that are in manufacturing (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • International trade leader. Wisconsin recorded a 1.86% increase in exports compared to a 5.17% national decline. The future of Wisconsin depends on key industries to increase trade between other countries.
  • Smart and safe. Wisconsin ranks as the 6th smartest state, the 10th safest state, and the 11th most-livable state (Morgan Quitno Press). Wisconsin high school seniors topped the nation in ACT scores for the 7th straight year. Wisconsin has the nation’s 3rd lowest dropout rate (U.S. Department of Education).
  • Most Livable State. Wisconsin was ranked 14th as being one of the Most Livable States (
  • Tops in R & D. UW Madison ranks first among the nation’s public universities in R & D spending.
  • Low insurance rates. Wisconsin‘s homeowner insurance rates are the lowest in the U.S. and its auto insurance rates are fifth lowest (National Association of Insurance Carriers). Wisconsin is among the six best states for physicians to practice thanks to the low level of malpractice insurance premiums.
  • Low health care costs. Wisconsin’s hospital patient-care costs are 20% below the national average (Wisconsin Health and Hospital Association).
  • Short commutes. Wisconsin has the nation’s 10th shortest travel time to work with an average of 20.3 minutes (U.S. Census Bureau).


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