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Why Wisconsin

icon Why Wisconsin for Business
icon Why Wisconsin for Forest Products
icon Wisconsin’s Strategic Location

State Comparisons

icon Chicago Area - Wisconsin Business Comparison
icon Illinois - Wisconsin Electric Bill Comparison
icon Multi-State Electric Bill Comparison
icon Wisconsin vs Illinois Tax Rates
icon Wisconsin vs Minnesota Tax Rates

Worker Compensation State Comparisons

icon WI, MN, IL & MI Worker Compensation Comparison
icon WI, IN & IA Worker Compensation Comparison
icon Illinois - Wisconsin Worker Compensation Comparison
icon Minnesota - Wisconsin Worker Compensation Comparison


icon Midwest Site Selectors
icon Tax Exemptions, Credits & Incentives
icon Wisconsin Tax Rates


icon Wisconsin’s Educational Excellence
icon Wisconsin Colleges Public and Private

Quality of Life

icon Why Wisconsin for the Arts



Wisconsin Economic Development Institute, Inc.

Fact sheet material has been prepared with the assistance of WEDI (Wisconsin Economic Development Institute, Inc.). WEDI is a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation formed to conduct economic development research and to provide training and development, and education to increase the effectiveness of economic development efforts. WEDI has produced educational materials describing economic development in Wisconsin and how-to publications, such as using labor market information for economic development.

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